Advance with intelligence to empower enterprise, accelerating their digital transformation.

Use AI to disrupt and transform businesses for a better delivery of information, products and services.

ADVANCE.AI is a leading big data and AI company in Asia that provides digital transformation, fraud prevention, and process automation solutions for enterprise clients.

Sector focuses include banking, financial services, fintech, payment services, retail, e-commerce, healthcare, IoT, travel, and the sharing economy.

Our products and solutions:

Products: AI-powered face recognition technology, AI-powered ID document verification, AI-powered document processing, Big data and machine learning, AI-powered smart retailing

Solutions: One-stop platform, DIV platform, Video Identification

For more information:
    ADVANCE.AI partnered with the Philippines’ credit bureau agency, CIBI Information Inc (CIBI), to expand business intelligence support and services for local businesses.
  • Know more about our product: What is Video-KYC?
    Key Clients
  • E-commerce
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  • Banks / Insurance
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  • NBFC / Multifinance
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  • Payment
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  • Others
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  • testimonials
    Gunawan Hendrikus
    Account Services Head
    “After using several ADVANCE.AI products like OCR KTP check, Risky Faces and Liveness Detection, the greatest impact was a faster, more efficient and more optimal work process. Faster, more accurate checking and validation of prospective customers supports Bank Mega’s digital transformation process, and we are very satisfied.”
  • testimonials
    Matej Urban
    Head of Online Underwriting
    "ADVANCE.AI understands our business needs. They were patient in their approach and open to new solutions. With their help, we were able to improve the risk performance of our portfolios, as they utilise data from non-traditional sources. They provided added value for our online portfolios and helped us reduce risk by providing our modelling with extra predictive power."